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3 Wheel Scooters are very common and offer a superior turning radius. They are great for indoor use, because they are highly maneuverable. 4 Wheel Scooters are much more stable and great for outdoor use. They can support more weight and have much better balance than 3-wheeled scooters. This makes them much better suited to be used outdoors, but they have a larger turning radius, so might not be a good choice for indoor use in tight quarters. Shop Scooters

Hospital Beds

A Semi-Electric Hospital Bed is great choice for someone who wants electric bed functions with a low cost. Semi-electric beds have electric controls for raising and lowering the head and feet but a manual crank for adjusting the height of the bed. Full-Electric Hospital Beds can do everything, giving the bed-user full control and independence. Raising and lowering the head or adjusting the height of the bed are made through the electric controls. Shop Hospital Beds

Modular Ramps

Wheelchair Ramps are as customizable and unique as every situation needing one. Modulars can be easily installed and removed, easily moved or reconfigured, and there is little to no site preparation required. With an all aluminum construction and powder coated handrails, Modular Ramps can accommodate rises up to 60" and be configured for 45 degree, 90 degree, and 180 degree switchbacks. Shop Wheelchair Ramps